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Thursday, December 31, 2009
In a practical and very close to reality.
Imagine all the work ..
Makes them feel different functions since An early age in order to identify the profession in the future

Training for the profession rapid rescue And with the least possible casualties  

Training in the medical profession The surgical operations 

And training to perform surgeries on animals 

Function as an investigative journalist boys walking in the city And are doing interviews with people

The method of rearing stock teaches children through Process and not just in words 


Anonymous said...

comeynya gmbar2 ni..mana dpt..?

tp mmg betul.. nak lentur buluh, biar dari rebungnya.. tp jgn sesekali ajar anak2 berkubang.. nnti smpai besar dia terikut2.. huhu

Anonymous said...

amik dr website japan..malaysia mana ada gitu kt kindergarden